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The Flavour Merchants established the Hawthorn Brewing Company to provide world class Australian Craft Beers that are heavily influenced by the best the world has to offer. Having lived abroad for many years, the boys at Hawthorn Brewing tasted first hand the myriad of excellent beers available and the diversity that exists throughout the world. From the artisanal ales of Belgium, classic lagers from Germany, South America and Asia, to the hand pumped ales of England and the Micro brewed beers from USA, the range of flavours and styles experienced first hand inspired the boys to return home and, drawing on this knowledge, take their long and colourful home brew skills to the next level.


Launching the company in 2008, the first brew, a hop dominated Pale Ale, hit the market in 2009. Fine tuning any recipe is key, and this was no exception, with several refinements being done to arrive at the current release. Our Amber ale was launched in early 2010 and has provided an ideal companion to our flagship Pale Ale. Our third beer, a European inspired Pilsner, was released in Oct 2010. This was followed by our first summer seasonal, a Belgian style Witbier in Oct 2011. In May 2013 our Australian IPA was added and more recently the Golden Ale. With the brand expanding rapidly,  we will continue to offer new and exciting brews.  


Like many things, drinking a beer elicits a flood of responses. Whether it sparks a fond memory or simply provides a great taste for the now, Hawthorn Brewing Company is proud of its beers and look forward to bringing more world class beers to the thirsty masses. With future plans for a larger place in Hawthorn to call our own, it is exciting times ahead and we hope you will share the journey with us.