Our Beers.

Our team live and breathe Melbourne so it only makes sense that our beers are made here. Our beers are also brewed in batches so that the beer is fresher and that hard earned thirst is quenched.

Hawthorn Brewing Co. beers are brewed using as many local ingredients as possible. Yes, sometimes we do have to source from interstate (our southern cousins do have some pretty fine hops), but the quality is always there.

Like beer, we love and accept everyone. Beer does not care about your religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone (of legal drinking age) can enjoy our beer if they want and we hope that they do.


Good Wicket XPA

Warning: Some big hops were used to create this gem of a beer. Prepare yourself for hop forward flavour. Best consumed with mates. Always.

Smooth Sailing Summer Ale

It's summer all year round with this easy drinking Summer Ale - a modern take on an old favourite, Golden Ale.

Little Beauty Aussie Ale

Inspired by the beauty of the Australian summer, this little beauty is a light hearted beer that everyone can enjoy.

First Bounce Pale Ale

Our first born. Created for all beer drinkers and footy fans - in honour of the greatest sport on the planet. A US style Pale Ale with an Aussie twist.

Stand Up Pilsner

A stand up beer, for a stand up legend. Every group has one. This pilsner is ours. A clean and crisp New World inspired Pilsner, brewed with fruity Australian and NZ hops.

The Local Australian IPA

Your local. Our local. The local. Brewed locally using local ingredients. Not Low-Cal though (see what we did there?). Not that that matters. An all Australian IPA bursting with flavour, thanks to a lavish dose of local hops and malts.